Feeding a Red Starfish

When considering feeding a red starfish, you need to observe the animal to see what it is and it is not eating. A red starfish could be feeding on bacteria out of your aquarium glass, but steering away from other foods that you provide for other inhabitants in your tank.

As an omnivore, the starfish must be given nutrients from the two sources. If frozen, your food will have to be thawed. Use tweezers or forceps for putting a thawed food close to the mouth of your pet. The mouth of a starfish is located at the center of its underneath spoke. Make sure that it is ingesting the morsel. In case you are making use of flakes, be sure to observe if your animal is eating it.

Provide your red starfish with the kind of food that it enjoys eating a couple of times per week individually. This will guarantee that the creature will obtain the nutrients that it needs for both surviving and thriving. Adjust the quantity of food that it gets by either shortening or lengthening the period from one feeding to another, depending upon the receptivity of the starfish to the food. Moreover, the amount of food will vary depending on available resources, temperament and size.