Is your Starfish Still Alive or Already Dead?

In order to tell whether a starfish is alive or dead, you need to observe it. Starfishes do not move frequently, but they move whenever they are fed. The starfish is alive if it is moving. Now, wear a pair of gloves that are waterproof. Gently scoop up the starfish without getting it out of the water. The animal can be stressed by any sudden alterations in its environment, and caused to start disintegrating or to shed their limbs. Being lifted suddenly into the air shocks this marine creature, as is careless or harsh handling.

Another way of determining if the starfish is dead or alive is feeling for its tube feet beneath it. Tube feet, in general, are the hundreds of hollow, short cylindrical structures that can be found on the underside of every starfish.

In case they retract from your fingers, you can say that the animal is alive. But if these tube feet are worn out, the starfish is either dead or seriously ill. In addition, touch the body of the starfish. A healthy, live starfish features a firm, nearly solid body. In case the body is yielding or limp to the touch, you might need to conclude that the echinoderm is dying or dead.