Handling Alive Starfish

In order to handle a life starfish properly, you need to gently pick it up and not bend or break its arms, which may be somewhat fragile and small on a number of species. Although starfishes are popular for their regeneration capabilities, you must always hold them very cautiously to minimize any possible damage.

You have to wrap a moist towel around the starfish or put it in a handy marine environment (a container full of seawater), in case it is living and you plan on transferring the starfish to a different location. Since starfishes breathe by way of little tubes over their entire body, they should be submerged completely in water to survive.

Return the starfish into the water, in the event that you find it on the seashore and do not have any intention to relocate the animal. It needs to be borne in mind that starfish are most efficient in shallow aquatic environments and tide pools with coral-based or rocky bottoms, in which they get access to food for their sustainment and shelter against their predators. These are the simple yet important steps that you need to take when handling a starfish whether on the beach or in your house.