Flattening Dried Sea Stars

Dried sea stars can make a good inclusion in your beach- or ocean-themed handicraft project. Along with some shells, they can be placed on picture frames and mirrors, and even in glass-top tables and clear lamps.

Moreover, a lot of crafters glue dried sea stars onto ornamental nets, which are utilized as hangings on the wall. It is possible to make a dried starfish flat by first rehydrating it then repositioning its limbs. You can make use of this method for making little changes to the placement of the arms on the majority of starfish species. So, follow the steps listed below.

When flattening a dried sea star, the first thing that you will need to do is put it in a bucket or bowl of lukewarm water. Let the starfish soak for many hours or till it is pliable and soft. Put the specimen on top of a newspaper-wrapped board. Adjust the specimen’s limbs gently to let it sit flat. Use masking tape strips for strapping down its arms. The tape will hold the specimen in the right position. Put the starfish and board in a big plastic garbage bag then tie this bag close so that the drying process is slowed. Finally, let the sea star dry for numerous days.