Process of Cooking Starfish

The first step of cooking starfishes is putting eight large pieces of them in a pot filled with cold water through the entire night. Chop these creatures into little pieces as you wake up in the morning.

You have to chop each of them whole, which means that nothing should be removed from the starfish. Put the starfish slices into a mortar, along with a small quantity of pepper, salt and butter. Grind the whole mixture into some thin paste. Pour one gallon of hot water into a pot and then add your paste. After heating the pot over high heat, add 2 whole peppercorns, 1 pinch of bay leaves, and 2 cloves.

Allow the pot to boil for at least two and a half hours then strain its liquid into a separate saucepan. Beat an egg up so well and add one-half pint of cream. Once it has boiled, combine this mixture and the soup together. If needed, add one more beaten egg. Finally, serve the starfish soup. This recipe has been considered more delicate than crab or oyster bisque. It is noteworthy that starfish are never poisonous by themselves, though when they directly pump water into their body for respiration purposes, they become vulnerable to the toxins existing in their habitat. Thus, be sure to harvest starfishes only from a clean body of water.